WHO WE ARE                                                                                            

*Group-O is a constellation of independent experts who complement each other professionally in order to provide

    the most effective solutions in the field of brand communication. Group-O stands for Open, Organized, Oxygen,

    Original, …

*We are active in the world of marketing, communication and events and our partners are each highly experienced 

    specialists in their particular field of expertise. Our primary focus is on event-driven communication. This means

    that we work on projects that are triggered by brand-related events.

*Group-O prides itself in having a can-do mentality with a no-nonsense approach. Straightforward, honest, open-minded and    

    in ventive, we are a  group of professionals, who are also friends. We trust each other and bring out the best in each other  for the benefit of our







*Together, we provide our clients with business oxygen.

          Do you need more room to move? Fresh mindsets? More power and speed to reach your objectives? Do you sometimes wish you could bounce your 

          ideas or your agency’s proposals off someone who can give you constructive feedback and positive direction? Do you need help in formulating your  

          thoughts and dreams and drafting a clear briefing? Then Group-O is the partner you have been looking for.

*We provide customer insights, present different angles, come up with fresh ideas and develop new experiences.

           We are not an agency but we work like one. We can help steer your agencies in the right direction or, alternatively, manage your projects. We bring 

           innovation, expertise, and years of hands-on experience to the table.

*Group-O can also serve as an add-on department.

          We can (temporarily) complement you and your team if necessary. We will bring on board the people and the expertise you need for a short or for a  

          longer period of time. We also work on a project basis. And because we don’t eat peanuts, you never get monkeys!






The time to research, reflect on, create and deliver solid conceptual work.

A transparent relationship with our clients that is based on trust. We consider mutual trust to be

        of the utmost importance before and during a project.

To surprise you, to surpass ourselves and to squeeze the most out of your budget.

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*First and foremost, we listen carefully to what you have to say. We ask many questions, challenge your opinions, just as we will challenge our own,

    and we check the project’s feasibility.

*Next, we define and set up the team of professionals that will be working on your project, making sure that we select only the experts that can

    contribute relevant expertise.

*We brainstorm, talk, shout and stomp until we have what you need. The result is presented to you and discussed openly.

*We get together, listen, fine-tune, redirect and once the plan meets with your approval, we attack!

*Because we like to be paid fairly for our services, and so there are never any surprises, we either charge a fixed fee or a daily rate based on an

    approved budget estimate.