*Gadget Planet is a brand-new fair and expo. It is exclusively dedicated to electronic gadgets and  

    lifestyle innovations, from mobile phones to electric    cars, from massage chairs to digital t-shirts. The fair will feature big-name electronics

    companies  as well as small, innovative manufacturers and distributors. During this unique event, visitors can see, feel,

    touch, try, compare and purchase the latest gadgets. Gadget Planet will be held in 2010 at the Nekkerhal in Mechelen, Belgium.

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*Eco-Market is a recurring and versatile concept tha t brings together providers, producers and

     craftsmen rom the food, home, garden, travel, energy and technology industries, among many others.

     The event gives them the opportunity to exhibit their range of eco-friendly products and services and  

     will be held at exciting locations in major cities throughout the Benelux.


     Eco-Market will feature exhibits, animations and stands that provide visitors with information on ways 

     of making their lifestyle more ecological. Here, they will get the opportunity to try healthy food and eco-

     friendly fashion, cosmetics products, mobility solutions as well as many more sustainable products and 

     services. Items can also be purchased at the event. On top of this, visitors will discover a wealth of  

     information on renewable energy, 

     ecology (water and waste management), and many other solutions for the environmental challenges of 

     today and tomorrow. Product demonstrations and a photo exhibit will also be featured during the event.


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*Together with the city of Leuven and the Damiaanactie, Group-O is working on a unique project to commemorate the life and work of Father

    Damien. At the event, which will start on May 16th and will also involve a large number of non-profit organizations, citizens will get the opportunity

    to learn about his work and to reflect on how it can be related to their modern-day life. Among the long list of activities, there will be a

    torchlight procession, the proceeds from which will go directly to the Damiaanactie. We expect to have a turnout of no less than 15,000 people during the

    course of several days.



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* The 19th century estate and castle of Tivoli in Mechelen

     are uniquely situated in peaceful and green

     surroundings. This makes it the perfect location for  

     seminars, workshops and training sessions as well as for  weddings, corporate parties and many other occasions.


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* ArtZone is a brand-new initiative that brings contemporary art to the streets by  

      facilitating pop-up art events right in the heart of the city! Confronting people with new art and artists and bringing galleries and customers

      closer together, ArtZone is an ideal vehicle for brands who want to reach out to a young, active, urban crowd

      with a fresh and exciting experience. 

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